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Beautiful Tutus for Beautiful Dancers

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Free Consultation

I have a wide range of materials, trims and motifs in stock

From choosing the material & net,
to discussing the tutu size and bodice shape,

or just to view my work.

It's all considered part of the free consultation.

Visitors are always welcome.

Just contact me to book a time

&  I will put the kettle on.





The Fitting

 I fit a toile at the consultation,
 from which I create an individual pattern for each dancer.

From all the materials & trims I can show you we can create the tutu of your daughters dreams,
 & I will give you quotes for each tutu you create.

If you decide you want to continue,
I ask you for a £50 deposit.

A final fitting, when the tutu is collected,
is then usually all that is required.


Example Bodices


Just give me an idea of the shape you want before the consultation

Scoop neck  8 piece 10 piece
Insert Scoop  Small V
Choosing your material, & a nearly completed ballet Tutu


Take a look at 'Inspirations for Tutus' page for more ideas & fabrics for classical ballet tutus.
Please refer to Pricing page for more information
or the Contact page with any questions.